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With Halloween this weekend we’ve compiled a list of the weirdest and scariest music videos that we love.

      • Lies: It’s the combination of weirdness with Nick Cave’s trademark quirky moves that reminds me of his stage performances that appeal to me… the video just works with the song and is so Nick Cave on every level – Nick Cave, Red Right Hand 

      • Alex: You wouldn’t expect anything less than this dark video – Eminem, Stan 


        • Jamie: Possibly one of the scariest music videos I ever watched, but also one of the most inspiring. This video started my intrigue into alternative music videos and delving deeper into the dark world of Chris Cunningham – Aphex Twin, Come to Daddy


  • Sam: The video is insane and captures the full-throttle, aggressive style that The Prodigy are famous for. There’s just something about those god damn contact lenses! The Prodigy, Breathe


  • Sitara: It’s a cover of The Doors’ original but this version was for the soundtrack in The Lost Boys cult vampire movie. It has some amazingly dramatic pauses and spooky piano sounds. The ending is what did it for me though!


  • Lies: The mocking of everything associated with cemeteries and scary stuff is what makes this video. Plus the Ramones dissapearing into a grave whilst playing music …. what’s not to like? – The Ramones, Pet Cemetary


  • Lucy: It’s classic Robert Smith, with more cobwebs than I’ve ever seen! The Cure, Lullaby


  • Andy: A great singalong track that reminds me of some good times and of course, you can’t beat a good Werewolf howl at Halloween. – Warren Zevon, Werewolves of London


  • Lora: Aside from being a superb track, I’ve always loved this video… Its totally surreal take on American suburbia makes for very creepy viewing. And it’s a bit Twin Peaks-esque which is always going to be a winner with me… – Soundgarden, Black Hole Sun


  • Ben: I’m a pretty big Foo Fighters fan and Everlong is one of their biggest hits to date, yet nobody knows the actual meaning behind the song besides the band members. While not being a ‘Halloween’ sounding song, the music video is like a weird, dark, twisted nightmare, and one of their most iconic – Foo Fighters, Everlong


  • Jez: A great song and a brilliant video – Friendly Fires, Skeleton Boy


  • Claire: Not really scary but on the right theme – Dusty Springfield, Spooky 


  • Bobby: I’m no music buff – I wouldn’t know a bar if you hit me over the head with one – but I’ll do my best to describe this music. It has a really deep, dark, soulful quality with vocals that are strange and arresting. The video shows a wolf-like creature scampering around a city that has a dark, eerie noir-esque atmosphere in this strange 3D/cell shaded animated style. Basically, it’s really good. Listen to it. – SBTRKT – New Drop. New York  


  • Jamie: Nothing like a bit of Horror Punk to get the blood pumping. This came out when I was getting into punk music and zombie films were all the rage and it’s a great song – The Misfits, Scream


  • Rob: It had to be on the list! The all time best Halloween music video ever made –  Michael Jackson, Thriller