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Lucy Charlesworth: Favourite restaurant in the world is La Mar in Lima, Peru (in fact, probably any restaurant in the whole of Peru as it’s the best cuisine in the world).

Favourite restaurant in London currently is either Kitty Fisher’s in Shepherd Market or Foley’s on Foley Street. Have recently been to both of them, twice… which sort of says it all!

Lies Deneys: Favourite restaurant in the world – not a restaurant but my favourite meal ever was for my birthday in a refugee camp in Kenya it was a takeaway from an Ethiopian restaurant. They even baked me a birthday cake.

I agree with Lucy, my favourite restaurant in London is Foley’s.

Jamie Roper: In London a place that I literally fell into after enjoying a few ales was Shampers on Kingly Street. I had the best oysters I’ve ever eaten and a brilliant steak. The wine list is a weighty tome.

My favourite restaurant in the world had to be Locanda dell’Isola Comacina in Lake Como. I went to the island with my family to look at some Roman ruins and walked into the restaurant hoping to get a pizza or something simple for lunch. They only did 5 course meals at €50 per head. As this is the only place to eat on the island we were a little stuck, however it was one of the best meals I’ve ever had and the view was sensational. On leaving the restaurant there were photos all around the entrance of every famous person you’ve ever heard of who have all eaten there. From Arnold Schwarzenegger, to the entire cast of Oceans 11 and the president of Ethiopia. And now me!

Lora Galantini: London Oslo Court – like stepping back in time to the late 70s / early 80s, this is classic French food at its very best with service to match. It is pretty much a replica of the restaurant that my parents ran & that I grew up in, so going there instantly feels like going home to me.

World: I Tre Re, in the hills to the north of Turin. We had been filming in Damanhur (an “alternative community” – or cult) and we’d had the weirdest day of our lives. I Tre Re is a hotel in the tiny nearby village of Castellamonte & was where we were staying for the night. It happened to be the last night of an exhausting 3 week shoot, and the hotel was nothing special at all. The restaurant was unbelievable – absolutely outstanding food, and made all the more special because it was so unexpected. A real treat for our wrap night! I will get back there some day…

Ben Emrich: My favourite restaurants have a certain theme. Number one in London has to be “Big Easy” in Covent Garden. My memories of this BBQ heaven are shrouded in meat, neon lobsters, copious amounts of whiskey and a Led Zep cover band blasting Whole Lotta Love. Last time I went I couldn’t sleep for overindulgence.

Overseas, my mind instantly races to the small town in Alberta, Canada, Banff. Last summer we stumbled upon a burger bar in this sleepy ski village called “The Eddie Burger Bar
They have a menu where you pick and choose your whole burger from a checklist. Never before or since, have I had such an incredible burger. The meal will stay in my mind as the perfect burger. Like Frankenstein, I do feel that I should get at least some of the credit on inventing the beast.

Sam Taylor: I’m not much of a dining out kind of guy, but I’ll put my two cents in for something I’ve been craving ever since I went there a few months ago. Tramshed in Shoreditch stole my heart the minute I saw Yorkshire puddings on the starter menu, even more so when I was greeted by the behemoth of Yorkshire deliciousness that was brought to the table. Not to take away from the massive but beautifully succulent Porterhouse and delicious crispy-skinned whole roast chicken that was also consumed during the feast, but the whole starter menu was amazing, and I’m heading back there this Friday. “Yes, could I please just get all of the starters please? And 4 orders of the Yorkshire pudding.”

As for overseas, although I can’t name one specifically I have to declare my love for any and every churrascaria I went to in Brazil. People may know that I tend to eat in volume, the more the better, and I’m very much carnivorous. So anywhere that will continue to bring you large quantities of various delicious meats is going to get two thumbs up from me. Bottomless lamb, pork, beef and chicken piled high… sign me up!

Jez Frankel: Fave restaurant in London is The River Cafe as both my kids have been there for a celebratory lunch aged 5 days.

In the world: Fuor D’Aqua in Florence. Probably my most incredible meal, with amazing friends at a beautiful event.

Claire Goodwillie: In London my favourite places are  Nopi – food is amazing & the coriander and ginger martinis to die for. The Pale Blue Door – A truly unique installation/pop-up restaurant in the most extraordinary setting. Unforgettable.

Most memorable meal in THE WORLD… La Perla, Sea Point, Cape Town. Beautiful view of the sea…still regret not stealing an ashtray!

Bobby Miklausic: Favourite restaurant in London is the Japanese Canteen. Whatever they’re putting in their sriracha sauce on the Korean Fried Chicken is likely to be made illegal.

The World: L’Etale, Morzine, France – nostalgic choice from me where I used to do my ski seasons for TG Ski (shout out). Filet Steak. Melted Cheese. Garlicky things all over the place. And they do Stevie Wonder’s happy birthday song instead of the actual happy birthday song which gets a ‘Oui’ from me!

Alex Bertschin: Converted from the old school bike shed, Rochelle Canteen looks out onto the grassy playground and the trees of Arnold Circus. It’s a little hideout in the chaos of Shoreditch. Menus are seasonal, British modern and highest quality produce. BYOB.

Carters of Moseley is a restaurant in Moseley, a suburb of Birmingham. It’s actually owned by two of my best friends so I am extremely biased, however the Michelin Guide is not and they recently awarded them their first star, so it’s not just me who thinks Carters is the bees’ knees. Food is modern British, menu is seasonal, only the best local / British produce and I recommend the wine flight or gin… Holly has the best gin on the planet. Don’t ask her to make you a mojito though as she’ll politely ask you to leave/ sling you out, this is Birmingham after all.

Ben Powis: Fave Restaurant in London probably has to be the Tramshed in Shoreditch to be honest as I’ve had quite a few big family things there including my Dad’s 50th which was awesome.

Fave in the world: Ristorante La Reggia degli Etruschi up in the hills in Fiesole, incredible panoramic views of Florence and the best Florentine T-Bone steak I’ve ever experienced.

Sitara Menon: In London, Hoppers. It’s a Sri Lankan restaurant and the food is amazing. It uses similar ingredients to what we use in the South of India so it’s very much like home food for me 🙂
It’s what I missed the most!

The World – I’d have to say Jumbo Seafood on the East Coast in Singapore. BEST PEPPER CRAB EVER!!